Market size is estimated at 5000 cargo vessels (excluding tanker vessels), and the corresponding cost of fuel is estimated at 50 Billion Dollars.

Many cargo and tanker vessel routes follow the trade winds between distant ports of call,
which makes the use of the CargoProaTM ideal for these routes.

The high cost of diesel fuel and the associated emissions impact on the environment
has caused the fleet owners to reduce steaming speeds and increased the cost of cargo
transport to shippers. The use of the CargoProaTM can significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and associated emissions on the transoceanic segments of the cargo ship's voyage. An added benefit to the design is a massive increase in the ship's stability, alleviating the need for ballast water.

Once the first full-scale model is created trans-ocean leasing will begin.

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Offering modular propulsion
solutions, on a global scale...

CargoProa leasing will greatly
reduce world-wide oil consumption
through wind power.